Global Bounty Hunt for Joy Chen’s Social-Media Manager

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赏金猎人游戏 和陈愉一起猎获社交媒体达人 陈愉女士(Joy)邀请你开启一场狩猎游戏,全国范围内搜寻一位全职的社交媒体经理,以协助Joy完成激发1亿中国女性猎获富有激情和意义的事业及人生的使命。如果你或朋友就是我们期待的人选,你将是这场游戏的主角!


YOU are invited to join the global bounty hunt for Joy Chen’s new Beijing-based Social Media Manager.

To win, you need not know any social-media managers, and you need not even know anyone in China! Just be three or fewer steps away from the winning candidate. If everyone on Earth is only six steps from everyone else, then your chance of winning this hunt is… not bad!

Background on Joy Chen (陈愉):

  • At age 31, appointed Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, USA
  • At age 35, became a CEO-headhunter to Fortune 500 and other global companies
  • At age 42, became a best-selling author in China. Her books are Do Not Marry Before Age 30 and How to Get Lucky in Your Career.
  • Joy and her team now create ground-breaking new-media products for women in China. Their mission is to help 100 million Chinese women seize the full potential of their lives.
  • Learn more at:

The Target Prey of our Global Bounty Hunt:

A cutting-edge social-media manager who has achieved stellar results creating and managing high-profile social-media campaigns for celebrities or consumer products in China. Native-level Chinese skills, written fluency in English.

Global Bounty Hunt – How It Works:

  1. You Share.
    No matter where you are in the world, forward this game invitation across your social networks.
  2. If You Win, We Track You Down!
    After we identify Joy’s new Social Media Manager, we’ll ask how he/she learned of the hunt. Let’s call that source “A.” We will ask A how he/she learned of the hunt: that source will be “B.” We’ll ask B how he/she learned of the hunt; that source will be “C.” If it turns out you are A, B, or C, then next, we’ll track YOU down to deliver your bounty!

The Bounty: What You Get for Winning

A’s Bounty:

  • A solo meal date with Joy when you and she are in the same city.
  • Selfies with Joy, which will appear on Joy’s Chinese social media, and which may even appear in news media.
  • An autographed copy of each of Joy’s books.
  • Cash prize of RMB ¥2,000 or USD $310, your choice of currency.

B’s Bounty:

  • A download of Joy’s upcoming smartphone course “如何用猎人的思维猎获工作中的贵人和生活中的爱人” (“How to headhunt the mentors and sweethearts you need for a life of passion and purpose”)
  • An autographed copy of each of Joy’s books.
  • Cash prize of RMB ¥1,000 or USD $155, your choice of currency.

C’s Bounty:

  • An autographed copy of each of Joy’s books.
  • Cash prize of RMB ¥500 or USD $78, your choice of currency.

Of course, the biggest winner will be Joy’s new Social-Media Manager, who will get an awesome job on an amazing team. The full Social Media Manager job description and application instructions are in Chinese here and in English here. Think you might qualify? We’d love to hear from you!

The Global Bounty Hunt for Joy Chen’s Social Media Manager. Ready?

To join the fun, simply share whatever post from which you learned of this hunt across any or all of your social networks — LinkedIn, Weibo, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Post it to any subgroups where you think social-media types might be hiding out. If you know any potential candidates, send it along! The more you mobilize your social network, the better your odds of winning!

Hurry, as job applications for the position will close on July 31, 2018.

You can also share this English page using this link:

Or, share the Chinese WeChat post, or the Weibo tweet. Or, simply download and share this smartphone infographic.

Game ON !